At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits

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At-home testing kits can be a convenient way to get quick care from home for COVID-19 testing. To get an at-home testing kit, start an on-demand video visit or E-Visit for COVID-19 and request a kit.

Kits will be provided and processed by our partner, LabCorp. LabCorp will overnight a testing kit to you, Monday through Friday. LabCorp kits are only for individuals 18 years of age or older. 

When you receive your kit, follow the instructions for the nasal swab test and then mail your kit back in the pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope.

For best results, please ship your kit Monday through Friday on the same day you complete the test. Remember to sign and date the paperwork when you submit your kit, including the specimen confirmation form.

Your test results will be available in a few days in the My Rush app or in your MyChart account.

Please complete your test within 48 hours of receiving it. If you do not return the test kit within 60 days of receiving, you will be charged a $19 fee. If you return your kit in a timely manner, you will not be charged but we may bill your insurance.

Rush care, on-demand

RUSH care, on demand

Get convenient care from home for COVID-19 concerns, cold/flu, UTI, seasonal allergies, minor injuries and more with on-demand video visits. Download the My RUSH app to get started.

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