Accessibility Resources and Services

RUSH is committed to caring for and supporting people with disabilities and their families. We offer a safe, accommodating and respectful care environment.

RUSH is committed to caring for and supporting people with disabilities and their families. We offer a safe, accommodating and respectful care environment.

Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking

A discounted rate of $10 for valet parking is available to people with disabilities.

Wheelchair assistance is available at the following valet parking entrances:

  • Main hospital entrance, 1620 W. Harrison St.
  • Professional Building, 1725 W. Harrison St.
  • Joan and Paul Rubschlager Building, 1520 W. Harrison St.

Designated parking for people with disabilities is available on the fourth and fifth floor levels of Section A in RUSH's parking garage and on every floor near the elevators of the Joan and Paul Rubschlager Building parking garage. A valid disability license plate or placard must be visible.

Learn more about parking at RUSH.
Public Transportation

Public Transportation

The following ADA-accessible Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train stations are adjacent to the Medical Center campus:

  • Illinois Medical District (Blue Line)
  • Polk (Pink Line)

The following CTA bus routes include stops at or near RUSH:

  • #7 Harrison (weekdays)
  • #9 Ashland (weekdays and weekends)
  • #126 Jackson (weekdays and weekends)
  • #157 Streeterville/Taylor (weekdays)

PACE Route 755 provides weekday, rush-hour service between Plainfield and downtown Chicago. Inbound buses stop at Harrison St. and Paulina St. in the morning. Outbound buses stop in the afternoon.

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Service Animals

Service Animals

RUSH provides access to service animals whenever possible. Please read our full service animal policy at the link below to learn about handler responsibilities and how we can accommodate your needs.

There is a pet relief station located on the grassy area at the west end of the Joan and Paul Rubschlager Building along S. Ashland Ave.

Learn more about RUSH’s service animal policy.
Interpreter Services

Interpreter and Captioning Services

To request a sign language interpreter and/or real-time captioning services, please use the following contact information:

Learn more about interpreter services at RUSH.
Preparing For Your Hospital Visit

Preparing for Your Hospital Visit

Coming to the hospital can be particularly stressful and overwhelming if you or your loved one has an intellectual or developmental disability. RUSH offers customized services to help make sure you have a positive experience here.

We offer the following services:

  • Clear masks: Clear face masks are available. To help improve communications, visitors and patients can request that providers and staff switch from paper masks to a transparent mask. Please contact the clinic or provider's office before your appointment if possible. You can also request clear masks when you check in for your appointment.
  • Disability assistance: Our team can do everything from assisting with scheduling to making arrangements for personalized requests based on your individual needs or concerns.
  • Buddy program: We can assign a “buddy” to help your loved ones when they are in the hospital. These are volunteers who have been specifically trained to work with people with intellectual disabilities. The buddies know how to help patients with disabilities find appropriate activities, stay with them while their parent or caregiver gets rest and explain what is happening in the hospital.

To take advantage of any of these services, please contact:

Kevin Irvine
(312) 942-1999

Contact RUSH disability access.
Other Resources

Other Useful Resources

Learn more about disability rights and accommodations at RUSH.