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Figuring out your insurance coverage can be difficult. At Rush, our customer service representatives and financial counselors are here to help you navigate and understand your coverage.

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Frequently asked questions about insurance

Why do I have to give my insurance information every time I visit Rush?

This helps us keep our records accurate and up to date. It also gives us an opportunity to verify your insurance coverage and benefits. All of this helps us process your bill quickly and accurately.

Should I contact my insurance company before coming to Rush?

It is generally a good idea to review your insurance policy and benefits before receiving medical services. Every insurance carrier is different.

In some cases — for instance, if you are coming in for laboratory tests or a chest x-ray — you may not need to notify your insurance company. However, for many other services — such as an inpatient admission, ambulatory surgery or any invasive diagnostic test/procedure — your insurance company may require advance notice. Lack of such notification could result in reduced benefits.

Other insurance carriers — particularly Medicare and Medicaid — do not require prior notification.

I am covered by more than one insurance carrier. Do you send bills to both insurance companies?

Rush’s Health Care Finance Department will coordinate benefits for patients covered by more than one insurance policy. To do this, we must have a Coordination of Benefits form on file. Download and complete the form below, and bring it with you on your next visit to Rush:

How much is my deductible and coinsurance?

Your deductible and coinsurance are determined by your insurance plan. A deductible is the initial amount of covered health costs that you pay before your insurance plan begins reimbursement. It is usually a set dollar amount.

The coinsurance amount is the amount agreed upon between you and your insurance company. Per your policy, you will cover a set percentage of the costs after you have met your deductible.

What insurance plans does Rush accept?

Rush participates in a number of insurance plans. Here, you’ll find a list of all participating insurance plans.