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Parking at Rush

The main parking garage at Rush is on the southeast corner of Paulina and Harrison streets. It is a large enclosed garage that has a covered walkway that connects to the Tower, Atrium, Professional Building and Orthopedic Building.

Parking rates

Please note that Rush recently implemented new parking rates. This slight increase in rates will allow Rush to continue to improve the parking experience for our patients and visitors. The rates for the main parking garage are as follows:

Time in garage Cost
0 to 2 hours → $10
2 to 6 hours → $13
6 to 8 hours → $18
8 to 24 hours → $20
Smith Lounge → $8

* Special parking arrangements may be possible for long-term patients. Please talk to your care provider for details.

Discounted parking

The following discount garage parking options are available for patients and visitors:

  • Discount parking booklets: You can purchase five parking passes for $35 at the guest relations desks at the Atrium Building (fourth floor) or the Armour Academic Center entrance from the parking garage (fourth floor).
    • Each coupon allows you to park for up to 24 hours in the main parking garage.
    • You can use cash or check to purchase the booklet, no credit cards are accepted.
    • We sell the booklets until 7 p.m. daily.
    • Discounted parking coupons cannot be used for valet parking.
  • Parking validation: Some physicians' offices may provide discounted or complimentary parking; inquire with your physician's office directly.
  • Clergy: Members of the clergy pay $8 to park. 

Valet parking

Valet parking is available at the following locations:

  • Main hospital entrance, 1620 W. Harrison St.
  • Johnston R. Bowman Health Center, 710 S. Paulina St.
  • Professional Building, 1725 W. Harrison St.
  • Orthopedic Building, 1611 W. Harrison St.

The rates for valet parking are as follows:

Time Cost
0 to 2 hours → $10
2 to 5 hours → $17
5 to 10 hours → $25
10 hours or more →  $30
People with disabilities →  $10
Smith Lounge → $8

* Discount coupons are not valid for valet parking.

Parking for people with disabilities

  • A discounted rate of $10 for valet parking is available to people with disabilities.
  • Wheelchair assistance is available at the valet parking entrances at the:
    • Main hospital entrance, 1620 W. Harrison St.
    • Professional Building, 1725 W. Harrison St.
    • The Johnston R. Bowman Health Center, 710 S. Paulina St.
  • Designated parking for people with disabilities is available on the fourth and fifth floor levels of Section A in Rush’s parking garage. A valid disability license plate or placard must be visible.


If you need a taxi, the valet parking and information desk staff at the main hospital entrance (1620 W. Harrison St.) can call a cab for you.

Entering the Medical Center

The main entrance to Rush is located at 1620 W. Harrison St., across the street from the parking garage. There are two pedestrian bridges to the hospital from the fourth floor, Section A level of the parking garage:

  • The Harrison Street (north) bridge leads to the fourth floor of the Tower and the Atrium.
  • The Paulina Street (west) bridge leads to the Professional Building and Armour Academic Center (Rush University).
  • After 9 p.m., you may only use the Harrison Street bridge.