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Patient Complaints

Rush's goal is to provide supportive health care. We want to know if you are not satisfied with your care or if you feel like you have been denied any of your patient rights. You can be assured that any complaint or concern will not compromise your treatment.

Complaints concerning denial of patient rights

If you are a patient and feel you have been denied any of your patient rights or have suffered harm or physical injury as a result of your care at Rush University Medical Center, then please contact the Patient Relations Department at (312) 942-6979 or

The Patient Relations Department will promptly investigate the complaint and respond within 30 days or an update will be provided. Depending on the nature of the complaint and the need to further investigate the facts, a written response to the patient’s complaint may be provided. In the resolution of a grievance, the Patient Relations Department will provide the patient with written notice of the decision, which will contain the name of the hospital contact person, the steps taken on behalf of the patient to investigate the grievance, the results of the grievance process and the date of completion.

If your complaint concerns quality-of-care issues resulting in harm or physical injury, please contact the Office of Risk Management at (312) 942-7828.

Patients may also contact the following:

  • Illinois Department of Public Health:  (800) 252-4343 (phone)
  • Joint Commission, (630) 792-5636 (fax); via; or by mail, the Office of Quality of Patient Safety, the Joint Commission, 1 Renaissance Blvd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL, 60181.

The Grievance Committee, as authorized by the Board of Trustees will, on a quarterly basis or as soon as is practical, review and reconcile any grievance that remains unresolved through the process. If the patient remains dissatisfied with the resolution of a case involving harm or physical injury, they may elect to submit the matter to the Rush Mediation Program. If the patient is dissatisfied with the resolution of a complaint involving the denial of patient rights, they may contact the Illinois State agencies directly. Information concerning the Rush Mediation Program and/or the phone numbers and addresses of the appropriate state agencies are also available through the Office of Risk Management, (312) 942-7828.

Other complaints

Some patient complaints may not involve the denial of patient rights or harm or physical injury, but they are still important to the Medical Center. All complaints will receive attention and consideration. Many questions are best addressed by personnel on nursing units. Patients should contact their nurse if they have a question about their care, the communication with their health care providers, the manner in which their room is cleaned, their preferences concerning food and beverages, or anything else which bothers them about their stay here. Or, if they prefer, they can contact the Patient Relations Department at (312) 942-6979 or

Patient concerns about non-coverage or premature discharge

In the event that pre-admission screening determines that admission criteria are not met prior to admission or coverage for services is not approved, the patient will be issued a notice of non-coverage. Patients may contact a Rush financial counselor at (312) 942-5967 regarding questions about non-coverage for Rush services. This notice will be issued before admission or within two days of admission and must state specific reasons why the Medical Center believes the requested services are not covered. The patient may elect to assume personal responsibility for the payment of the services or refuse the services.