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Spine and Back Care

Spine, back and neck problems can lead to a variety of symptoms — including severe pain that affects every move you make.

But you don’t have to live with chronic spine, neck or back pain. Spine and back physicians at Rush can pinpoint the problem and develop a personalized treatment plan to address conditions such as degenerative disc diseasespinal stenosis or a herniated disc.

Treatments range from nonsurgical approaches to minimally invasive surgical techniques co-developed by spine surgeons at Rush.

The program welcomes patients seeking second opinions, especially if surgery has been recommended to address your pain. It's important to be aware of every treatment option and make sure you are comfortable with the course of treatment.

Rush is consistently ranked among the top U.S. hospitals for orthopedics and neurosurgery by U.S. News & World Report. Both programs provide care for spine, back and neck problems.

How Rush's approach to minimally invasive surgery effectively relieves pain with faster reco

Learn about the many ways you can get relief from back pain.

Compared to just a decade ago, spinal fusions today often involve far less trauma to patients.