System Leadership

RUSH University System for Health Board of Directors

Chairman: Susan Crown
  • Peter C. B. Bynoe
  • Cati Cederoth
  • Bruce Dienst (Ex Officio)
  • William A. Downe
  • Christine A. Edwards
  • William J. Friend
  • Sandra P. Guthman
  • Kenneth H. M. Leet
  • Jay L. Henderson
  • Juan R. Luciano
  • Gary E. McCullough (Ex Officio)
  • Stephen N. Potter
  • E. Scott Santi
  • Russell P. Smyth
  • Christine Sobek
  • Charles A. Tribbett III
  • Everett Ward
  • Robert A. Wislow (Ex Officio)

RUSH University System for Health Officers

Omar Lateef, DO
President and Chief Executive Officer

Matt Walsh
Chief Operating Officer

Murray T. Ancell, MS, CFRE
Chief Development Officer

Carl T. Bergetz, JD
Chief Legal Officer and Interim Secretary

John Diederich, MA, MBA, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer, RUSH Copley Medical Center

Jeffrey M. Gautney
Chief Information Officer

Courtney Kammer, MHA
Chief Human Resources Officer

Patricia Steeves O'Neil, MAE
Chief Financial Officer

Angelique Richard, PhD, RN, CENP
Chief Nursing Officer  

Dino P. Rumoro, DO, MPH, FACEP
President and Chief Executive Officer, RUSH Oak Park Hospital