RUSH in the Community

Rush social worker at a school based health center event

RUSH in the Community

RUSH is recognized as a national leader in building healthier communities. Together with residents, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and other health care institutions, our goal is to be a catalyst for community health and vitality by dismantling barriers to health, and by promoting health equity both within and outside of RUSH.

RUSH Strives for Health Equity

RUSH aims to be a national leader in health equity through initiatives connected to education, workforce development, healthy food and access to care.

Children participating in the Mini Med School program

By the Numbers

Life expectancy gap between residents of Chicago's Loop and the West Garfield Park neighborhood

16.00 yrs

West Side residents RUSH is committed to serve


Invested by RUSH in West Side community-based organizations and projects since 2018

$ 6.00 million

Office of Community Health Equity and Engagement (CHEE)

CHEE enables and supports RUSH in fulfilling its commitment to improve the quality of life within RUSH’s diverse neighboring communities through initiatives and partnerships.

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Participants walking during the Rush Walk for Wellness

Working to Achieve Health Equity

REACH participants in a hospital room

RUSH Education and Career Hub (REACH)

RUSH Education and Career Hub supports education from cradle to career by providing innovative, hands-on STEM learning to underrepresented youth so they can reach their academic and professional potential.

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Rush school based health center employee working a table

RUSH School-Based Health Centers

For over 20 years, RUSH University Medical Center has provided vital and necessary health care services through school-based health centers in Chicago public schools located in underserved neighborhoods.

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Rush employee volunteering

RUSH's Anchor Mission Strategy

As an anchor institution on the West Side of Chicago, RUSH University Medical Center has a responsibility to use its economic power to bring systemic change.

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Rush volunteers serving food to the homeless

RUSH Community Service Initiatives Program (RCSIP)

The RUSH Community Service Initiatives Program offers RUSH University students, faculty, residents, fellows and staff an opportunity to use their distinct skills and talents to make a difference in our community and beyond.

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REACH participant

Events Requests and Support

RUSH connects with the communities we serve by partnering, hosting and participating in health fairs and community events. If you are interested in having RUSH participate in your event, please review our linked surveys.

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COVID-19 and Health Equity at RUSH

In 2020, the pandemic starkly illustrated gaps in health equity as the virus disproportionately affected Black and Latinx communities. At RUSH, we took this moment and transformed it into a movement where we double down on our commitments to health equity.

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A faith leader in Chicage receives a COVID-19 vaccination at Rush

Initiatives and Reports

CHNA/CHIP Reports and CBR

Our community health reports identify opportunities to help us meet the needs of our communities.

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COVID-19 Community Resources

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States and the Chicago area, the RUSH system is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to people who have COVID-19, as well as sharing important and accurate information you can trust as this pandemic evolves.

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West Side United

West Side United is a collaborative working together in the health care space to ensure that West Side communities have a healthier tomorrow.

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Learn More About Our System Efforts

Rush University Medical Center tower

Commitment to Community: The Rush BMO Institute for Health Equity at Rush University Medical Center

The RUSH BMO Institute for Health Equity at RUSH University Medical Center is how we coordinate, scale and sustain all of RUSH’s health equity programs in the communities we serve.

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Rush Copley Medical Center exterior

Commitment to Community at RUSH Copley Medical Center

Together, with residents and partnering community organizations and leaders, it is an ongoing priority for RUSH Copley Medical Center to be a catalyst for community health by addressing the inequities and breaking down those barriers to health.

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Rush Oak Park Hospital Exterior

Commitment to Community at RUSH Oak Park Hospital

Like RUSH University Medical Center, RUSH Oak Park Hospital is committed to the betterment of Chicago's West Side.

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