Wig Wear and Care

Tips to help you look your best even in the summer heat
Woman looking in mirror holding wig

With summer in full swing, it’s a good time to review wig wear and care suggestions for special occasions and everyday activities. 

First, you can keep cool by wearing a bamboo liner under your wig or using hats to help dissipate body heat. Or choose a layered shorter wig with an open top or mono crown — these are the coolest in the summer. Next, try an updo by bringing your wig into a low ponytail or by clipping it up off your neck for a cooler, more formal look. 

Be mindful that wigs need to be shampooed more often when you are more active and when the temperatures rise. Your wig will not fade with prolonged exposure to the sun. The color and style of your synthetic wig are set. Not even the hot sun, humidity or rain can compromise its original look. 

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or a summer workout, try these tips.

Weddings: Your complimentary wig from the Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center works well for everyday or special occasions. Formal yet fun hair will help you look and feel more like yourself. Take it up a level with a pretty hair clip or a jeweled headband. 

Birthdays: Beware of blowing out your candles! Don’t let the heat from the burning candles melt the hair at the front of your wig.  

Cookouts: Although your synthetic wig can stand up to the hot sun, you will need to protect it from the direct, extreme heat of a fire. Have someone else oversee the grill. Or, try wearing a pre-tied scarf anchored by a complementary-colored headband to frame your face. 

Traveling: Have a collapsible wig stand handy to keep your wig ventilated and shapely. Every day is a good hair day with a wig or halo of hair. Often paired with a hat, a halo is a great wig option that gently encircles your face like a halo but has an empty area at the top. A straw hat for sun protection and a pair of earrings will have you ready for any outdoor activity. You can bravely enjoy the wind blowing through your hair in a convertible or keep it off your neck during a leisurely kayaking experience by using a twisted scarf tied like a headband to secure your wig.

Exercise: Wearing a wig while exercising can make you too hot. Instead, try a headband and a floppy lightweight bamboo cap. If you feel more comfortable in public with hair, try an attachable bang that can be added to any hat, turban or scarf style. 
Don’t be afraid to express yourself and be bold! It is all about attitude and projecting the beauty you have inside, with or without hair. Apply sunblock, re-create your eyebrows, line your eyes, add a fun pair of earrings and your favorite lip gloss to complete your look. 

To learn more about wig care and styling, join a Simply Beautiful Hair class at Waterford Place.

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