Future Medical School Applicants Receive Personalized Mentoring at Rush

Summer Research Scholars Program offers insight, experience and encouragement to aspiring physicians from underrepresented groups in medicine

Back to School Fair

Podcast Shifts the Discomfort and the Conversation About Race

Shifting the Lens seeks to build understanding and empathy

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Alzheimer’s Disease

MIND Diet Linked to Better Cognitive Performance

Study finds diet may contribute to cognitive resilience in older adults

Healthy fruits and vegetables
Brain Health & Conditions

Nasal Drugs Show Promise for Slowing Parkinson’s Disease Progression in Lab Study

'A remarkable advance' if results can be replicated, Rush researcher says


Tips for Healthier Skin

Take care of your skin to keep it healthy and glowing

Woman applying lotion to face
Bones and Joints

Achilles Tendon Ruptures

Craig C. Akoh, MD, Castle Orthopedics & Sports Medicine surgeon, explains why you should seek care for Achilles tendon ruptures.


Hispanic Heritage Month Reminds Us To Take Pride in Cultural Connections

This month offers us the opportunity to reflect on the richness of Latinx culture and how it enriches, contributes to and is an integral part of American culture.

Hispanic Heritage Month text in red font surrounded in a circle by flags from Latinx countries.

Carrie's Story

Ovarian cancer diagnosis coincided with birth of her son

Carrie Ryan and family

3 Health Issues Doctors Are Seeing More of Due to COVID-19

Beyond the disease itself, pandemic-era living has contributed to other health problems

A person rubs their neck while looking at a computer.

Rush University System for Health Invests Millions in Health Equity

Groundbreaking strategy aims to reduce neighborhood life expectancy gaps

Darlene Hightower at a health equity event