Poems Express Thoughts on Cancer

Waterford Place participants turn poetic to share their feelings about cancer
Expressing feelings about cancer

Several Waterford Place participants have captured their feelings in poems about their cancer experience. These poems and others will soon be on display at Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center. 

To Adam and Evan in May 2016

By Anne Sharrard

You are the breath of my body,
You are the light born of hope
That flickered and wavered but never went out
And peaked from its shell despite the knell
Of fear and pain and doubt.
Hope emerged above them all
And rose to the top of my heart
And pulled me through
And brought me you.
Now faith will play its part.

My Sister

By Anne Sharrard

My memory is you as my voice
When I was so shy and I
Hid behind your shoulder.
My cancer was found a month after yours.
Your reflection was mine again.
I soared to healing with you by my side.
My voice again, my sister.

Finding Love and Care at Waterford Place

By Nazli Gasik

Nazli faced breast cancer without fear,
To her, it was a problem that would soon disappear,
Emotional support she did not crave,
But Waterford Place she discovered, and it was a lifesaver.
Omar, the program coordinator, greeted her with care,
And she felt special, as if he was always there,
Free programs for relaxation she couldn't believe,
Sound therapy, aromatherapy, and Reiki to relieve.
One-on-one counseling sessions revealed her emotions,
And with each visit, she felt spiritual notions,
Waterford Place helped her in ways she didn't know,
And now she encourages others to give it a go.
If someone is going through cancer, she says,
Waterford Place can change their life in many ways,
She didn't know how much she needed this support,
But it brought her comfort and helped her stay in good report.

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