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Lymphedema and Exercise

How exercise helps prevent lymphedema and flare-ups

Man doing push ups

Provider Spotlight: Gita Mahanti, Social Worker and Yoga Instructor

Using yoga and mindfulness to heal mind, body and spirit

Gita Mahanti
Patient Stories

Liz’s Story

After a cancer diagnosis, Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center became her second family

Liz Robinson-Chan

Provider Spotlight: Audrey Stoppel, Radiation Oncology Nurse

Focusing on the body, mind and spirit, she teaches meditation to balance emotions, decrease pain and live in the moment

Audrey Stoppel

What Is HeartMath Meditation?

Heart-focused breathing techniques help synchronize mind and body to increase positive emotions and manage stress

Illustration of heart

9 Tips for Sun Protection

Stay safe in the sun during and after cancer treatment

sun protection - hat, glasses, sunscreen

Wig Wear and Care

Tips to help you look your best even in the summer heat

Woman looking in mirror holding wig
Patient Stories

Victoria’s Story

Happy to return to in-person programs at Waterford Place, Victoria says, ‘There’s so much hope when you go there’

Facial at Waterford

The Healing Power of Creativity

Creative expression provides relaxation, pleasure and relief from stress, anxiety and pain

person painting, holding paint palette
Patient Stories

Nazli’s Story

Realizing she needed emotional support from others changed this cancer patient’s life

Nazil Bayer