Damon’s Story: Taking Advantage of Everything Waterford Place Offers

‘It helps to talk to others who are going through the same thing’
Damon Schultz takes advantage of everything Waterford Place offers

Damon Schultz was just 54 when he was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma,  a rare type of cancer that develops in soft muscle tissue. Only about 1,500 people receive this diagnosis each year. He was stage 4.

When he got the news, he said it felt like someone had punched him. 

“The diagnosis was shocking,” he says. “All sorts of things go through your head. It really messes with your mind.”

So when he learned about Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center, one of the things that jumped out at him was the opportunity to participate in a men’s discussion group.

“I thought, ‘That’s going to be good for me,’” he recalls.

An emotional outlet 

Damon received his diagnosis in November, began treatment in December and started attending the support group in January. He has been going ever since and says it has “definitely” helped him. The men’s group especially has given him emotional support and an outlet to talk.

“It’s good to talk to guys and hear different perspectives,” he says. “It helps to talk to others who are going through the same thing and to ask ‘How are you handling this?’ Building bonds is awesome.” 

He finds it encouraging to hear the stories of their journeys. Some of the men in the group have been fighting cancer for more than 20 years. Some are facing their third cancer.

“It helps put things in perspective,” he says, and it has helped him come to terms with his disease. 

“I’m going to live as long as I can with this,” he says, “so I’m going to take advantage of whatever is available to me.”

‘Doing it all’

Supported by philanthropical donations, Waterford Place provides services and support to anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis, at no cost to participants. The center offers a variety of alternative therapies, and Damon believes they help. He has tried sound healing, reiki, facials, massage and more. If it helps, he’s in. While a facial may not help with his cancer, he says it makes him feel good.

“It’s awesome,” he says. “Every one of the providers cares. They have their own stories that connect them to cancer.

“I’m doing it all,” he says, and he advises others dealing with cancer to do the same.

“Go to the support groups, talk, share and hear other people’s stories. It’s uplifting,” he says. “I’m an advocate of everything the facility offers. It gives a good perspective and a good frame of mind.”


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