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Heart Health

Connor's Story

When Connor had a stroke at age 30, RUSH cardiology helped him get back to the activities he loves

Connor from Colorado
Heart Health

Angela's Story

How doctors protected Angela Williams' heart while treating her cancer

Angela Williams
Heart Health

James' Story

How quick reactions and a team approach to cardiac care saved James King's life

James King with wife
Patient Stories

Leonard's Story

Rush heart, neurology specialists collaborate to prevent future strokes

Leonard Shaw
Patient Stories

Kim's Story

Finding melanoma during a cosmetic treatment saved young mom's life

Kim Hartley
Spine & Back

Tom’s Story

How physical medicine and rehabilitation helped him regain his independence

Tom Dent

Kari's Story

Follow-up screening with ABUS found what turned out to be breast cancer


Carrie's Story

Ovarian cancer diagnosis coincided with birth of her son

Carrie Ryan and family
Patient Stories

Kathy's Story

How a seemingly small skin cancer required a complex facial reconstructive surgery

Kathy and Peter Revenaugh, MD
Patient Stories

Kody's Story

Back in the game after MS treatment at Rush