Kenya’s Story: Determination to Keep Going

Diagnosed with inoperable cancer, Kenya Alexander attributes her extended life to having faith, a support system and Waterford Place
Kenya Alexander

When Kenya Alexander was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she was devastated. “My world came crashing down,” she says. 

Her cancer had already spread to her liver, lungs and lymph nodes. “They told me it was a good idea to get my affairs in order,” she recalls. “I fell to pieces.”

Soon after, she learned about Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center, which provides services and support, free of charge, to anyone affected by cancer. 

Understanding and empathy

“It helps to have an outlet and to be with people who know exactly how you feel,” she says. 

Kenya would tell anyone facing a cancer diagnosis to go to Waterford Place and get involved.

A self-described introvert who would have felt overwhelmed joining groups before, Kenya finds Waterford Place a comfortable place to be. “I’m a loner but here I am with a whole new family who know me by name and check in on me if I miss an appointment, who are warm and welcoming.”

Although she has lost hair, she does not feel self-conscious being at Waterford Place without wearing a hat. And recently, when she walked into the building dragging her foot, another participant understood and empathized about her neuropathy.

“Even when I’m having a tough day, they are so joyful and can make me smile,” she says. 

Open for healing

Told her cancer was inoperable and that she would be on chemo for life, Kenya says she has already surpassed her predicted life expectancy. And she attributes that to her unwavering faith, a dynamic support system of family and friends and her new family at Waterford Place. 

She is grateful for the services like reiki that have left her body open and available to healing. She has participated in reiki, sound healing, oncology massage and facials, reflexology, acupuncture, salon services, cooking demonstrations, art class, yoga and the Giving Back Society. She also became a mentor for Imerman Angels.

“I do whatever I can do. I think I’ve done everything except Gardening Club, and I look forward to doing that,” she says.

“I would not be in this position without Waterford Place,” she believes. “I wouldn’t be able to afford all of these services, especially not at this frequency. They give me encouragement, help me feel good and give me hope to keep going.”


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