Family Resources

Having a child in the hospital can be a stressful, difficult time for children and their families. Rush University Children's Hospital offers a number of resources and services to help support you and your child during your time at Rush.

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Child Life Services

Child Life Services at Rush offers children age-appropriate activities and education to help them cope with being hospitalized.

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Amenities for Kids and Families

Our team at Rush University Children’s Hospital does everything possible to help keep you and your child comfortable during your stay.

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Preparing for Your Child's Visit

We encourage families to tell their children why they are going to the hospital, and what will happen during their hospital stay.

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Visiting Hours

We encourage parents, family members and caregivers to spend as much time as possible with their children when they are in the hospital.

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Directions and Parking

Rush is located five minutes west of Chicago's Loop, and there are multiple public transportation options available for those visiting Rush's campus.

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MyChart provides you with online access to your child's electronic medical record.

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E-Visits at Rush for Kids

You can now save your child a trip to the pediatrician for common conditions with E-Visits at Rush, our online diagnosis and treatment system.

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Pay Your Bill

Rush's customer service representatives are available to answer questions about your hospital bill and payment-related concerns.

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Animal-Assisted Therapy

Rush University Children’s Hospital has a number of options for animal-assisted therapy for our patients.

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Financial Services

Rush offers several financial assistance programs to help patients with their health care costs.

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Interpreter Services

If you need medical information in a language other than English, Rush’s interpreter staff can help.

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Bereavement Services

Rush offers bereavement support and services for families coping with the loss of a baby or child.

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Important Phone Numbers

Rush's list of important phone numbers includes contact information for everything from the Blood Center to the gift shops.

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Worship and Pastoral Services

When your child is facing a health crisis, the pastoral services team at Rush can help provide support and spiritual guidance.

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Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council brings together families, clinicians and hospital employees — all with the common goal to improve patients’ experiences.

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Lodging and Overnight Stays

There are a number of hotels and accommodations near the Rush campus.

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Dining Options

There are a number of convenient dining options available at Rush.

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Gifts and Flower Shops

The gift and flower shops at Rush carry a wide range of items that can provide your child with a little pick-me-up in the hospital.

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Waiting Areas

Rush's waiting areas offer amenities to help provide some comfort as your child is undergoing a procedure.

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Customer service representatives and financial counselors at Rush can help you navigate and understand your insurance coverage.

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Rush offers a range of pharmacy services, including prescription refills by telephone, low prices and a variety of delivery options.

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Rush has three conveniently located ATM machines.

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Resource Centers

Rush’s resource centers offer a wide range of information, support and services for patients and families.

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Rush has free Wi-Fi available in many public areas on its campus.

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Business Services

At Rush, you have access to a number of convenient business services to help you keep up with your life outside the hospital.

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