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Section of General Cardiology

When you have a problem with your heart or vascular system (the body's network of blood vessels), you want care from specialists who are as compassionate as they are capable.

Cardiologists at Rush have the expertise to diagnose and treat all types of heart and vascular problems — from the common to the complex — including coronary artery disease, high blood pressure (hypertension) and aortic aneurysms. They will work closely with you and your family to coordinate every aspect of your care, including other specialists, and outpatient and home-based services if needed.

And if you are at risk for developing heart and vascular disease, cardiologists can help you reduce your risk factors and improve your overall heart health.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Rush also offers an outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program to help people with cardiovascular disease lead healthier, more active lives, and to help those who have recently undergone a heart procedure return to their everyday routines.