Heart Health

Heart Health

New RUSH Kiosk Offers Hands-Only CPR Training

Learn how to help someone suffering from cardiac arrest
CPR kiosk
Heart Health

Smartwatches and Atrial Fibrillation

What happens when your watch detects an irregular heartbeat?
Smart Watch
Heart Health

Quiz: Heart Healthy Nutrition

Test your knowledge of heart-healthy foods with this nutrition quiz. Plus, some quick and easy tips to add heart-healthy nutrients to your diet.

Rush nutritionists with a patient

Rush Team Explores New Telehealth Intervention to Improve Blood Pressure Medication Adherence

Over half of patients with hypertension do not take their medication as prescribed — so researchers are testing telehealth strategies to help them stay on track
A man holds up a prescription bottle to show on a video call
Heart Health

A Sports Cardiologist’s Guide to Running

Tips from a heart specialist and lifelong runner
Running tips
Heart Health

Bob's Story

Avid outdoorsman is active again after minimally invasive mitral valve procedure
Bob Swartz
Patient Stories

Donna’s Story

Electrophysiologist Edward Lipman helps find the solution for Afib that was right for her
Donna Hensel and her husband
Heart Health

Managing Atrial Fibrillation

Edward Lipman, MD, electrophysiologist with Rush Copley Cardiovascular, explains what atrial fibrillation is, why it needs to be managed and how it can be treated.
Atrial Fibrillation
Heart Health

Stress Poses Heart Health Dangers For Women

Don't ignore the symptoms, including fatigue, weight gain
Stressed woman

Bequest to RUSH Will Support Cardiovascular and Breast Cancer Research

Decades of care at Rush University Medical Center led one woman to leave a $100,000 bequest in honor of her family.
Frances Pass