Heart Health

Heart Health

Arika's Story: 'My Heart Is Feeling Really Good'

RUSH Oak Park cardiovascular program helps patients avoid serious heart issues
Arika Clark
Patient Stories

Marty's Story: Thinking Outside the Box

An MRI required a little extra planning for Marty Lewis, who is hard of hearing
Heart Health

5 Facts About Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Tips for recognizing, living with and preventing this potentially dangerous heart condition
Stethoscope with ECG chart
Heart Health

Mark’s Story: Active Again After High-Risk Blockages in His Arteries

Complex, minimally invasive treatment at RUSH allows Indiana man to avoid open heart surgery — and get back on his bike again
Mark Spitz
Heart Health

Taking Care of Their Hearts

Cardiologist Gaurav Shah recommends heart scans — and follows his own advice
Heart specialist Gaurav Shah, DO, and his wife had heart scans
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Peripheral Arterial Disease

RUSH vascular surgeon Michele Richard, MD, highlights risk factors for PAD and lifestyle changes that can help manage it
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New Research Flips the Script on Women and AFib

Study finds women are actually more likely than men to have the heart condition
Women in Afib
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His-bundle Conduction System Pacing with Parik Sharma, MD, MPH

Parikshit Sharma, MD, MPH, joins Rounding at Rush to discuss His bundle and conduction system pacing, which involves placing permanent leads anywhere along the AV conduction system to maintain biventricular pacing and synchrony.
Listen now to a podcast about His-bundle conduction system pacing from RUSH expert Parik Sharma, MD, MPH.
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Cardiac PET Perfusion at Rush with Rupa Sanghani, MD

Dr. Rupa Sanghani, a cardiologist in the Rush University System for Health, discusses the ways Rush incorporates cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) perfusion in its complement of cardiac diagnostics and care, the benefits of using it and when cardiac PET should be implemented.
Listen now to a podcast about cardiac PET perfusion from RUSH expert Rupa Sanghani, MD.
Heart Health

The Next Generation of Minimally Invasive Heart Care at Rush with Clifford Kavinsky, MD, PhD

Clifford Kavinsky, MD, PhD, the director of the Rush Center for Adult Structural Heart Disease, joins the podcast to profile the next generation of minimally invasive cardiac care, including several clinical trials that Rush is participating in.
Listen now to a podcast about the next generation of minimally invasive heart care from RUSH expert Clifford Kavinsky, MD, PhD.