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Cardiology Cognitive Clinic

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We encourage you to visit the Rush Heart Center for Women’s Cardiology Cognitive Clinic if you are a woman with any of the following:

At the clinic, offered every Tuesday afternoon, we focus on helping you manage your heart disease and lower your risk factors for heart disease and stroke. The goals of these efforts:

  • Preventing the cognitive decline that can result from heart disease, atrial fibrillation (a type of arrhythmia that increases stroke risk) and stroke.
  • Helping you maintain optimal brain health and cognitive function as you age.
  • Improving or preserving your overall health and wellness.

Although many risk factors for heart disease and cognitive decline can be sufficiently managed by primary care physicians, the experts at the Rush Heart Center for Women offer the latest evidenced-based recommendations to minimize the risk of heart disease, stroke and cognitive decline. It's proven advice you can trust.

Expert care tailored to meet your unique needs

The team of specialists at the clinic — including cardiologists, a cognitive neurologist, nurse practitioners and dietitians — offers a variety of personalized outpatient services:

  • Cardiac examinations
  • Cognitive health evaluations
  • Risk factor assessments for heart disease, cognitive decline and dementia
  • Nutrition assessments by registered dietitian
  • Personalized education for patients and their families on how to make positive lifestyle changes to reduce heart and stroke risk factors, as well as maintain optimal brain health and cognitive function.
  • Access to important studies and clinical trials conducted through the Heart Center for Women aimed at improving the understanding of heart disease in women and finding ways to prevent cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

After a thorough evaluation of your needs, the team will customize a treatment plan just for you. And since regular check-ups are essential, we will continue to follow you after your initial appointment to ensure that you are on the correct medications and dosages, order follow-up tests and screenings if necessary, and answer any questions you may have.

Meet the Rush Heart Center for Women team.