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Brain Tumor Services

It can be overwhelming to find out you have a brain tumor. Experts at Rush are here to help you figure out what comes next.

At Rush, we offer personalized care for children and adults with all types of malignant (cancerous) and benign (noncancerous) brain tumors, including glioblastoma (an aggressive form of astrocytoma), meningioma, medulloblastoma, schwannoma and metastatic cancer.

Team approach: Physicians work as a team to provide an individualized treatment plan for each person and each cancer. This plan may include clinical trials not otherwise widely available, as well as the latest medical and surgical options.

Metastatic cancer services: If you have metastatic cancer that has spread to your brain, there is hope. Research suggests that cancer patients who are treated by multiple specialists working together have better survival outcomes. Rush offers metastatic brain cancer services that provides this team approach. 

Second opinions: The program welcomes second opinions. A second opinion can help you or your loved one understand all available options and feel comfortable with your course of treatment. 

Support for the entire family: The Rush University Cancer Center offers many resources to help families cope with the physical and emotional effects of cancer. Social workers, therapists, integrative medicine specialists, chaplains and patient navigators are here to provide the support you need.


Physicians from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago collaborate to develop timely, personal

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