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Acoustic Neuroma Program Services

The only dedicated comprehensive acoustic neuroma program in Chicago

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The Rush Acoustic Neuroma Program offers personalized specialty care for patients with acoustic neuroma, a benign, often slow-growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear and the brain. Also known as a vestibular schwannoma, the tumor can damage important nerves as it grows, potentially affecting hearing and balance.

The program brings together a team of highly skilled specialists — including neurotologists (a subspecialty within ENT), neurosurgeonsneuro-oncologists, radiation oncologists, audiologists, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons — who have extensive experience diagnosing and treating acoustic neuroma.

Led by R. Mark Wiet, MD, the team is committed to improving patients' quality of life by helping them make informed decisions about management of the tumor and, when needed, rehabilitation for hearing loss.

Excellence in Acoustic Neuroma Care

Exclusive focus on acoustic neuroma

The Rush Acoustic Neuroma Program is the only dedicated acoustic neuroma program in the Chicago area — and when it comes to treating these rare tumors, experience can make a big difference.

Personalized team care

Because of the complex nature of acoustic neuromas, Rush offers a team-based approach to evaluation and treatment. Our specialists collaborate to provide you with a comprehensive assessment, then tailor a treatment plan that includes the least-invasive options possible for the best outcome.

Surgical expertise

Neurotologists and neurosurgeons at Rush are experts in treating acoustic neuromas with variety of surgical approaches to remove these tumors and prevent nerve damage.

Targeted radiation therapy

Rush offers stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), a highly targeted form of radiation therapy that can stop the growth of tumors.

When to schedule an appointment

Many patients with acoustic neuroma are initially treated with radiation when they should instead be watched. Others are given radiation for tumors that are too large for the therapy to be effective, and the tumors continue to grow.

In both cases, surgery to remove the tumor becomes more challenging, and the results are not as good.

That's why it's important to consult with an acoustic neuroma specialist to learn about all of your options before you start any type of treatment. Because our team offers every available treatment option for acoustic neuroma, we can help you get the appropriate treatment at the right time.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us:

  • If you have been newly diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma
  • If you need follow-up care after initial treatment
  • If your tumor is growing after prior radiation therapy
  • If you're seeking a second opinion about either your diagnosis or treatment options, especially before you decide on a treatment

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