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Disabled Access and Services

Disabled access at RushRush University Medical Center is dedicated to caring for and supporting people with disabilities and their families. We offer people with disabilities a safe and supportive environment in which to receive care.

Rush was cited as “setting the standard of excellence in America” in a major report funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on the crisis of health care for people with disabilities.

Accesible parking

  • Rush has a discounted rate for valet parking to people with disabilities.
  • Wheelchair assistance is available at the valet parking entrances at the hospital, Professional Building and the Johnston R. Bowman Health Center.
  • Designated parking for people with disabilities is available on the fourth and fifth floor levels of Section A in Rush’s parking garage. A valid disability license plate or placard must be visible.

Find out more about parking at Rush.

Service animals

Rush does not discriminate against the use of service animals. We provide access to service animals whenever possible. Find out more about Rush’s service animal policy.

Preparing for your hospital visit

Coming to the hospital can be particularly stressful and overwhelming if you or your loved one has an intellectual or developmental disability. Rush offers customized services to help make sure you have a positive experience here.

We offer the following services:

  • Special needs helpline: Our team can do everything from assisting with scheduling to making arrangements for personalized requests based on your individual needs or concerns.
  • Special needs buddy program: We can assign a “buddy” to help your loved ones when they are in the hospital. These are volunteers who have been specifically trained to work with people with intellectual disabilities. The buddies know how to help special needs patients find appropriate activities, stay with them while their parent or caregiver gets rest and explain what is happening in the hospital.
  • Hospital tours: Our special two-hour tours help adults with cognitive and intellectual disabilities prepare for hospitalization and, if needed, surgery. The tour offers developmentally appropriate explanations about why they are coming to the hospital and what will happen when they are here. They’ll also get a chance to tour the different parts of the hospital and see and handle some of the medical equipment that may be used to care for them, such as stethoscopes, syringes, blood pressure cuffs and oxygen masks.

To take advantage of any of these services, please contact us at:
(312) 942-7806

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