Resolve to Be Resilient

Discover tools and techniques to help navigate difficult situations
Meditating woman

It's that time of year—New Year's resolutions are on our minds. While it might feel a bit clichéd, and you might be too tired to think about it again, let's take a different approach this time. Instead of the usual resolutions, let's focus on achieving something meaningful together.

Let’s make a resolution to be resilient. Resilience isn't about avoiding stress or difficult situations; it's about developing effective coping mechanisms and strategies to navigate and overcome them. It might seem challenging, but here are five simple tips to help you get there.

1. Seek support. Connect with friends, family or support groups to share thoughts and feelings. Together, we can overcome challenges.

2. Practice resilience. Embrace the idea that resilience is a skill we can develop. It's about bouncing back and learning from tough situations.

3. Maintain well-being. Focus on a healthy lifestyle — balanced diet, regular exercise and enough sleep. Taking care of yourself physically contributes to emotional resilience.

4. Express creativity. Engage in creative activities like writing, drawing or any form of self-expression. It's a therapeutic way to cope with stress.

5. Set realistic goals. Break down tasks into manageable goals, celebrating achievements along the way. Adjust expectations based on your energy levels and abilities.

The exciting news? Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center provides various opportunities for you to cultivate resilience. Getting involved in a group is an excellent way to begin. Numerous safe and supportive groups are available, emphasizing the uplifting and engaging aspects of community.

This year, let's reshape our resolutions and prioritize building resilience together.

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