Primary Care Experts

Angela Moss, PhD, APRN

Community Nursing | Nurse-Managed Health Centers
Angela Moss is an expert in strategic development of self-sustaining nurse-managed care delivery models within communities. Her research interests include return on investment and cost analysis studies of nurse-managed health centers, patient satisfaction of NMHCs, and the impact of aging on perceptions of health and healthcare utilization.

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angela moss sitting in front of a gray background

Elizabeth Davis, MD

General Medicine | Medical Director of Community Health Equity
English, Spanish
Elizabeth Davis is a primary care doctor who also serves on the RUSH Division of Community and Global Health Equity. Davis works with patients to manage chronic diseases like diabetes and COPD. She is especially focused on bringing primary care to patients in underserved communities through the RUSH@Home program.

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Doctors in Chicago are making house calls to give vulnerable patients the Covid-19 vaccine


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Juan Cobo, MD

Internal Medicine | Geriatric Medicine
Languages: English, Spanish

Juan Cobo is an internal medicine physician who also practices geriatric medicine. He focuses on preventive care and treats diseases like hypertension, diabetes and thyroid disease.

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Laura Zimmermann, MD, MS

Primary Care | Preventive Medicine
Languages: English, Spanish

Laura Zimmerman is a primary care internist with expertise in lifestyle medicine, preventive medicine and quality improvement. She focuses on preventing and managing chronic illnesses by integrating medical care with behavioral interventions like healthy eating, physical activity, quitting smoking, and stress management.

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laura zimmermann in a white coat in front of a gray background

Michael Hanak, MD

Family Medicine | Health Informatics
Michael Hanak is a board-certified family physician who cares for patients of all ages, with an emphasis on prevention and education. He's interested in health information technology and its role in improving health care delivery, particularly as it relates to managing the health of a community.

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Paola Susan, MD

Family Medicine | LGBTQ+ Care
Languages: English, Spanish

Paola Susan is a family physician whose passion is caring for the underserved LGBTQ+ communities. Her other clinical interests include asthma, birth control, heart disease in women, lifestyle medicine, PrEP and STDs.

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Stephanie Crane, MD

Internal Medicine
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Stephanie Crane is a primary care physician and assistant professor at RUSH. She created RUSH University's global health program and is an associate director of the school's internal medicine residency program.


stephanie crane posed in front of gray background

Steven Rothschild, MD

Preventive Medicine | Health Equity
Steve Rothschild leads the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and is a national authority in self-management of chronic illnesses. His research focuses on community- and team-based approaches to addressing health disparities.

Media Clips:
Physicians say COVID-19 is causing many to miss important doctor's appointments


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