Dermatology Experts

Arjun Dayal, MD

General Dermatology
Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu

Arjun Dayal is a dermatologist that focuses on general dermatology (e.g. moles, rashes) and treating patients experiencing hair loss. He is also familiar with different hair care treatments for people with different types of hair and ethnic backgrounds. Dayal also treats skin cancer patients with surgical excision, which is a quick 15-30 minute procedure.

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Catherine Emerson, MD

Catherine (Katie) Emerson is an assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology at RUSH. She is an expert in acne treatment and prevention and hyperhidrosis.

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David Reid, MD

Chief of Dermatology
David Reid is the chief of the Division of Dermatology at RUSH. His clinical interests include psoriasis, vitiligo, oncodermatology and dermatological autoimmune disease. He has an innovative approach to care, incorporating artificial intelligence and novel technologies.

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Kyle Amber, MD

Blistering | Dermatology Infusion
Kyle Amber is an international leader in the field of autoimmune blistering diseases and complex medical dermatology. He created Chicago's first dermatology infusion center at RUSH. He is also an editorial board member of the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology.


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Mariam Mafee, MD

Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery
Mariam Mafee is the division chief of dermatological surgery and a Mohs micrographic surgeon at RUSH. Her other areas of clinical interest include laser and cosmetic dermatology, scar treatment, microneedling, redness/rosacea treatment, skin checks, skin cancer screening and prevention, sunspots and laser hair removal.

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Marie Lafeir, MD

Complex Medical Dermatology
Languages: English, Spanish

Marie Lafeir specializes in complex medical dermatology and inpatient dermatology. Her clinical interests include conditions like eczema and rashes, treating patients with immunosuppression (transplants or HIV), infections of the skin, and hidradenitis suppurativa.


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Maureen Riegert, MD

General Dermatology
Maureen Riegert is a dermatologist who treats a variety of conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, Sweet's syndrome and skin cancer. She also treats acne, morphea and pemphigus.


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Megha Trivedi, MD

Women's Dermatologic Care | Cosmetic Dermatology
Megha Trivedi is a dermatologist with a special clinical interest in women's dermatologic health. She also has a focus on cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic medicine, with an interest in skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, energy-based devices/lasers and injectables. She can also speak about skin checks, skin cancer screening and skin cancer prevention.

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Parul Goyal, MD

Dermatology | Skin Cancers
Parul Goyal is an assistant professor in the Division of Dermatology at RUSH. She has a particular clinical interest in skin cancers and is working with the RUSH Cancer Center to establish a supportive oncodermatology program.

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Stephanie Schroeder, PA-C

Dermatology | Acne Care
Stephanie Schroeder has a clinical interest in several areas of dermatology, including acne and acne scarring, sun protection methods, atopic dermatitis, melasma, acne scarring and skin tag removal. She is also able to speak about skin cancer screening, skin biopsies and actinic keratoses.

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