Emergency Medicine Experts

Amy Marks, MD

Traumatic Injuries | Ultrasound Guided Procedures
Amy Marks is an emergency medicine physician at RUSH and is the director of RUSH's clinical ultrasound fellowship. She serves as faculty for our Advanced Trauma Training Program. Her clinical interests include ultrasound guided procedures and ocular ultrasound.

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Corey Goldstein, MD

Emergency Medicine | Psychiatric Disorders
Corey Goldstein is an emergency medicine physician and an assistant professor at RUSH. His clinical expertise is in diagnosing and managing psychiatric conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, psychosis and treatment resistance.

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Jessica Vlaming, MS, PA-C

Physician Assistant Program Director
Languages: English, Spanish

Jessica Vlaming is the program director and director of Clinical Education for the Physician Assistant Program in the College of Health Sciences. Her research interests include global health, emergency medicine, medical simulation and incarceration medicine.


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Melissa Rice, MD

Emergency Medicine
Melissa Rice is an emergency medicine physician and an assistant professor at RUSH. Her clinical expertise includes advanced life support, asthma attacks, traumatic injuries and prehospital medicine.

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Nicholas Cozzi, MD

EMS Medical Director
Languages: English, Spanish

Nicholas Cozzi is RUSH's EMS director and is an assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at RUSH Medical College. He is the faculty advisor for a student group that teaches lifesaving skills (CPR, stop the bleed, Narcan) at no cost to anyone in the Chicago area.

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Theodore J. Corbin, MD

Chair of Emergency Medicine
Theodore J. Corbin is an expert in gun violence and racial trauma. He is interested in addressing racial trauma and its impact on the physical and mental health of people of color that are further widening racial disparities in health care. He has developed trauma-informed, hospital-based interventions to support victims of gun violence.

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Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov, MD

Emergency Medicine | Cardiac Arrest
Languages: English, Russian

Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov is an emergency medicine physician at RUSH who specializes in treating cardiac patients and heart attack management and recovery. She is the medical director of RUSH's outpatient Chest Pain Center.

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