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When faced with several more weeks of sub-zero weather, it's easy to surrender to the siren song of the sofa and put off thoughts of shedding pounds until the ground thaws. But winter doesn't have to be a perennial weight trap. This year, show Jack Frost who's boss by keeping these health tips in mind.

Before you allow, or encourage, your child to become a single-sport athlete, read what Charles Bush-Joseph, MD, a sports medicine surgeon at Rush and team physician for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox, has to say about the physical and mental effects of specialization.

We know that some foods, like candy, are bad for us, and that others like spinach are good for us. But many foods not widely known for wholesomeness actually have a lot to offer, nutrient-wise.

Heart month is a great time to look at other conditions that can affect your heart health, like high blood pressure. For instance, did you know that 7 out of 10 people having their first heart attack have high blood presure? Knowing the truth about this common problem could save your life.