Patient Stories

Donna’s Story

Electrophysiologist Edward Lipman helps find the solution for Afib that was right for her

Donna Hensel and her husband
Patient Stories

Barb’s Story: Therapy for Lymphedema

When painful lymphedema limited Barb’s range of motion, occupational therapist Joan Boska gave her hope

Barb Schumacher and Joan Boska

Bequest to RUSH Will Support Cardiovascular and Breast Cancer Research

Decades of care at Rush University Medical Center led one woman to leave a $100,000 bequest in honor of her family.

Frances Pass
Patient Stories

Nancy's Story: A Lifesaving Liver Transplant

A mother saved by a liver transplant helps others through organ donation

Ear, Nose & Throat

Lou Orzech’s Story

How a cochlear implant helped Lou hear the world again

Lou Orzech
Patient Stories

Sonya’s Story

Patient credits physician’s immediate action with saving her foot and ankle

Sonya Daguinsin
Heart Health

Connor's Story

When Connor had a stroke at age 30, RUSH cardiology helped him get back to the activities he loves

Connor from Colorado
Heart Health

James' Story

How quick reactions and a team approach to cardiac care saved James King's life

James King with wife
Patient Stories

Nancy's Story: Coming Down With COVID-19

‘Who knows where we would have been if we hadn’t gotten vaccinated’

Nancy's Story
Patient Stories

Tracy's Story

How rehab aided her recovery from cancer treatment