Patient Stories


Kristina’s Story

Kristina had a great support system to help her through cancer treatment. Now she wants to help others

Omar Ramos and Kristina Lubic
Patient Stories

Paintings for RUSH

Grateful for the excellent care her family received at RUSH, a local artist painted a picture for the Children's Hospital as a way of saying thank you
Patient Stories

Tammy’s Story

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, Tammy learned, ‘It was time to put me first’
Tammy Kaiser
Bones and Joints

‘I Can Do the Things I Want Without Restrictions. I’m the Result of Dr. Nho’s Work.’

Former pro soccer player’s gift keeps the ball rolling on leading-edge joint preservation research
Mike Newman
Patient Stories

Diane’s Story

Excellent results from multiple surgeries motivate Wisconsin resident to drive hours for treatment
Diane tills the soil in her garden
Patient Stories

Donna’s Story

Electrophysiologist Edward Lipman helps find the solution for Afib that was right for her
Donna Hensel and her husband
Patient Stories

Barb’s Story: Therapy for Lymphedema

When painful lymphedema limited Barb’s range of motion, occupational therapist Joan Boska gave her hope
Barb Schumacher and Joan Boska

Bequest to RUSH Will Support Cardiovascular and Breast Cancer Research

Decades of care at Rush University Medical Center led one woman to leave a $100,000 bequest in honor of her family.
Frances Pass
Patient Stories

Nancy's Story: A Lifesaving Liver Transplant

A mother saved by a liver transplant helps others through organ donation
Ear, Nose & Throat

Lou Orzech’s Story

How a cochlear implant helped Lou hear the world again
Lou Orzech