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The choices you make each day can have a huge effect on your health. Browse health information and tips for maintaining your health from Rush University Medical Center.

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What Is That Lump?

Learn how to recognize some common lumps and bumps, along with the signs and symptoms that call for a trip to the doctor'...

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5 Ways to Combat Hot Flashes

An OB-GYN shares five ways to find relief from hot flashes, which the majority of women experience during menopause.

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How Metabolism Really Works

An endocrinologist explains how our health and health habits can affect our metabolism.

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So Much Sodium

Americans eat a lot of sodium, and too much can lead to high blood pressure. See how much sodium is in some of your favorite foods, and learn how...

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What is a Healthy Weight?

What's the best way to determine a healthy weight? Find out what your body mass index is by using our handy interactive BMI calculator,...

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The ABCDEs of Skin Cancer Detection

Many people have moles, and often, there's no need to worry. But moles can raise your risk of melanoma — especially if you have a lot of...

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  • Support Groups

    Rush has ongoing support groups for patients and families living with a variety of conditions. Through these group meetings, you can connect with people who face similar concerns and challenges as you.

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  • Pregnancy and Child Loss Forum

    Whether you've lost a child during pregnancy or in the midst of childhood, the Stepping Stones Bereavement Support Program is an online forum that offers you a safe, comforting place to grieve. On the site, you will find support, guidance and camaraderie from parents who have faced similar heartbreak.

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