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Voices From Rush

Rush leaders, providers and patients offer their thoughts and experiences about the most important issues of today. 

Get to Know Your Virtual Care Providers: Kevin Peters, MSN, APN, FNP-BC

Learn about Rush virtual care provider, Kevin Peters, MSN, APN, and the benefits of telemedicine.

Kevin Peters

Get to Know Your Virtual Care Providers: Janet Furman, MMS, PA-C

Learn about Rush virtual care provider, Janet Furman, MMS, PA-C, and the benefits of telemedicine.

Janet Furman

Get to Know Your Virtual Care Providers: Melissa Holmes, MD

Learn about Rush virtual care provider, Melissa Holmes, MD, and the benefits of telemedicine.

Melissa Holmes

Coming Together To Take Action on Systemic Racism

A letter from 36 hospitals and health centers who pledge to work to improve health equity across the city, focusing on Chicago's vulnerable neighborhoods.

Chicago West Side and skyline

Juneteenth: A Black Man’s Perspective on Black Independence Day in 2020

Justin Johnson, senior corporate counsel at Rush, provides his perspective on Juneteenth.

Justin Johnson

Our Commitment to LGBTQ+ Health and Equality

Rush is always proud to stand with our LGBTQ+ patients, employees, students, faculty and community members alike. This holds true now more than ever..

Rush Pride heart

Black Lives Matter

Rush leaders share their commitment to combating structural racism.

Rush employees kneeling for George Floyd

Get to Know Your Virtual Care Providers: A Q&A with Maria Uhler, PA-C

Maria is a provider in our on-demand video visit program, where you can get care over video chat for conditions like the flu or COVID-19 but also coping and stress or return-to-work assessments.

Maria Uhler

The Right Time to See a Primary Care Clinician

Family medicine clinician Steven Rothschild, MD, explains why now, in the wake of COVID-19, is the right time to establish a relationship with a primary care provider.

A Rush physician with a patient

Movement Disorders and Telemedicine: A Q&A with Natalie Witek, MD, MS

Neurologist Natalie Witek, MD, MS, answers questions about the benefits and challenges of telemedicine.

Natalie Witek

Easing COVID-19 Restrictions: How Long is Too Long?

The question of when society returns to its normal functioning in the wake of COVID-19 is a complex one. Here are some factors to consider.

A health care provider interacting with a child

The Case for Hope: Why We Need Optimism in the Face of COVID-19

During these challenging times, positivity and acts of kindness can have a strong impact on health care workers' wellness.

Sidewalk art

Technology – A Matter of Life and Death

In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, an outbreak that has infected hundreds of thousands worldwide, the utilization and innovations of technology in health care are more pertinent than ever.

Rush provider conducting a video visit

Social Distancing Ups Ante on Value of Human Connection

Social distancing helps us appreciate the importance of in-person human connections.

Group of people performing community service

What Needs to Remain When COVID-19 is Gone

After the crisis, we need to remember our health care heroes and give them a more rational, more moderate and more certain legal environment to pursue their mission of protecting and improving the health of all Illinoisans.

Two Rush doctors talking

Chicago ERs Are Open, Safe for People With Serious Medical Issues

A Rush emergency medicine physician encourages Chicago residents to not ignore medical emergencies due to coronavirus (COVID-19) fears.

A Rush Emergency Medicine physician at a computer

John’s Story: A Miraculous Recovery from COVID-19

John Elakkatt was in grave condition with COVID-19 when he was brought to Rush and put on a ventilator. What happened next is an amazing story of strength and hope, as John made a full recovery.

John and Mary Elakkatt

COVID-19 Hits Disabled Community Harder but May Provide New Opportunities for Inclusiveness

If health care and government leaders follow the disability community mantra of “Nothing about us, without us,” changes in policies and practices post-COVID-19 just may result in a more inclusive and accessible world.

John and Mary Elakkatt