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Rush Multiple Sclerosis Center

Rush has taken the necessary steps to ensure it's a safe place for treatment. Learn more.

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The Rush Multiple Sclerosis Center has long been recognized as a leader in MS treatment and research.

Our dedicated MS specialists take a proactive approach to treating this often complex disease. It's not uncommon for people with MS to be treated exclusively with one drug, whether or not it's effective. At Rush, treatments are tailored to each person's type of MS, and may include cutting-edge or experimental therapies in addition to existing treatments.

As world-renowned researchers, doctors at the center can offer you investigational MS treatment opportunities before they are widely available. In fact, Rush has played a key role in developing and/or testing of a number of the drugs that are now FDA approved for treatment of MS, including Tysabri, Ocrevus and Ampyra. We were also among the first to offer cladribine, a potent chemotherapy drug, to MS patients.  

Read an interview with Rush MS Center director Dusan Stefoski, MD, about Rush's role in bringing new MS therapies to the market.

All of our team members, from our physicians and nurses to technicians and office staff, work exclusively with MS patients. And we collaborate with other specialists at Rush, including physical and occupational therapists and psychologists, to ensure that our patients have all of the support they need.

Expanded Infusion Center

In August 2018, the Rush MS Center unveiled its renovated infusion center.

The space has been reconfigured to provide more privacy for patients, featuring 15 private or semi-private bays, each equipped with an iPad to help patients pass the time while they receive their infusions. 

Rush offers a full range of infusion therapies, including Ocrevus, which has been hailed by researchers and physicians as a game-changer with the potential to lead to new avenues of treatment for other diseases.

Center of Comprehensive Care for MS

Rush has been recognized as a Center for Comprehensive Care through the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Partners in MS Care program. Centers for Comprehensive Care are led by clinicians with demonstrated knowledge and experience in treating MS; offer and coordinate a full array of medical, nursing, mental health, rehabilitation and social services and have a strong collaborative relationship with the National MS Society.

Nationally ranked care

The neurology and neurosurgery programs at Rush are ranked No. 4 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.