Comprehensive support

Participate in research buttonThe dedicated team at the AARTS Center at Rush is committed to helping children, adolescents and adults live positive, fulfilling and productive lives.

In addition to comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, innovative treatments and invaluable resources, the center also provides expert consultation and advocacy to support individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


  • Working with schools and school districts to help to advocate for appropriate eligibility, intervention, academic support and placements
  • Support and education for school staff and personnel

Vocational support

  • Maximizing resources (e.g., vocational opportunities) through links with the Rush Autism Resource Directory

Legal advocacy

  • Mediation and custody evaluations in the context of divorce
  • Providing expert witness testimony in legal (forensic) cases involving children, adolescents and adults with ASD
  • Psychological evaluations for forensic cases involving people with ASD

For more information about these services, contact Sophia Martinez, operations manager, at (312) 942-7315.

Transition into adulthood

Smiling teenTransitioning from adolescence into adulthood can be a difficult and daunting time for teens with ASD and their families. As special education programs typically end by age 22, many young adults with ASD and their families find themselves unprepared for the future.

However, with the right supports and services in place, young men and women with ASD can often continue their education or find employment, develop meaningful relationships, become more independent and find satisfaction in their lives.

Your partner for the future

The experienced team at the AARTS Center at Rush is well versed in the challenges — and available resources — for young adults with ASD. They can help you, your child and your family prepare for the future by guiding you all through this transition as smoothly as possible.

Beyond this transition, clinicians at the AARTS Center at Rush can also provide a continuum of care for adults as they continue to face social, emotional and vocational challenges in their adult lives.

Support and resources

The AARTS Center at Rush will help you find the resources you need for comprehensive transition planning. Some of the supports and resources that may help with this transition include the following:

  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Long-term coordinated care and treatment interventions
  • Social skill and vocational assessments and referrals
  • Motivational coaching
  • Self-advocacy training and support