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New Class of Genes That Cause Autism Found

RUSH is part of the large-scale SPARK DNA research project behind new findings
Test tubes for genetic research
Mental & Behavioral Health

Recognizing and Accepting Autism Around You

How you can help someone struggling to fit into a non-autistic world
Autism awareness
Mental & Behavioral Health

Awareness Is First Step to Understanding Autism

People with autism spectrum disorder need community support
Dr. Latha Soorya, PhD
Mental & Behavioral Health

Advice for Parents With Children Who Have Autism

AARTS Center staff members offer recommendations for parents of kids with autism
Mental & Behavioral Health

What is Autism Awareness?

AARTS Center staff members advocate for increased awareness of autism
Mental & Behavioral Health

What a Community Can Do To Support People With Autism

Tips for building inclusive and supportive environments for the autism community
Mental & Behavioral Health

Why Autism Awareness Matters

'To promote inclusivity and acceptance, we have to start with understanding.'
Children’s Health

Research Sheds Light on Autism’s Genetic Links

Children and parents gain insight from Rush-SPARK research results
Teenage research participant
Children’s Health

Could It Be Autism?

Communication challenges can offer clues that signal whether a child may have autism
Could It Be Autism?
Mental & Behavioral Health

Autism in Adulthood

The unmet needs of adults with autism