Autism Care Providers

Autism Care Providers

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


Clinical Psychologist and Behavior Analyst

Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Social Workers

  • Holly Lechniak

    Holly Lechniak, LCSW

  • Doctor Placeholder Image

    Lisette Martinez, LCSW

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Research Team

  • Rachel Gordon, BS

    Rachel Gordon, BS

  • Anna Hirshman, BA

    Anna Hirshman, BA

  • Sarely Licona, BS

    Sarely Licona, BS

  • Edith Ocampo, MS

    Edith Ocampo, MS

  • Diamond Phillips, BS

    Diamond Phillips, BS

  • Madison Printen, BS

    Madison Printen, BS


  • Lauren Bush, PhD

    Lauren Bush, PhD

  • Victoria Chavez, PhD

    Victoria Chavez, PhD

  • Emily Dillon, PhD

    Emily Dillon, PhD

  • Kathleen Edmier

    Kathleen Edmier, BS

  • Claire Friedhoff, MA

    Claire Friedhoff, MA

  • Ariana Garagozzo, MA

    Ariana Garagozzo, MA

  • Mariyah Hussain, MD

    Mariyah Hussain, MD

  • Maria Izabel Lockwood, BS

    Maria Izabel Lockwood, BS

  • Daniel Lakemacher, BA

    Daniel Lakemacher, BA

  • Elizabeth Rea, BA

    Elizabeth Rea, BA

  • Marisa Wakely, BA, MA, MSW candidate

    Marisa Wakely, BA, MA

  • Kaleigh Wilkins, BS

    Kaleigh Wilkins, BS

  • Peter Zammuto, MA

    Peter Zammuto, MA

Operations Manager

  • Sophia Martinez

    Sophia Martinez

Clinical Trials for Autism

Researchers at Rush are investigating new autism treatments.

See open clinical trials
See open clinical trials