Stay Fit Low Impact Workout

Diana Pacheco, Fitness Instructor

Stay Fit, 30 Minute Low Impact Workout
No Equipment is needed.  Exercises can be done sitting in chair or standing, optional - soup cans or dumbbells

Warm up

  • Reach arms out to the sides then overhead and breathe in slowly. Then bring arms down to your sides and breathe out slowly. (3 times)
  • Start with arms extended out in front of you. Open arms out to your sides, then return arms back to front. (3 times)
  • Side reaches - Reach left arm overhead. Pull back down with elbow towards your side ribs. Repeat with right arm. Stay nice and tall in stature.  (6 times on each side)


  • March in place; pump your arms. (30-60 seconds)
  • Lift knees left/right while tucking in abdominals. (10 repetitions) If sitting, keep back off the chair. To increase intensity add in kicks.
  • While marching pumping your arms more vigorously. For a challenge, add weights in hands.  (10 reps)
  • Lift knees to cross, touching knee to opposite elbow.  Keep abdominals tucked in maintaining a strong back.  (10 reps)
  • Return to marching with added intensity. (30-60 seconds)


  • Biceps curls - Keeping elbows close to the body (10 reps)
  • Overhead shoulder press - Pushing arms up and down to shoulder level.  (10 reps)
  • Triceps kickbacks - Pull elbows close to ribs, hinge forward at waist, pull arms back, bend and straighten arms from elbow. (10 reps)


  • Crunch down with chest while lifting knees up toward your chest. (10 reps)
  • Standing, arms in goal post position, side bend so that elbows reach towards your ribs.  (10 reps each side)
  • Hold arms out straight in front of you.  Bring interlaced hands together, keep straightened and turning torso. (10 reps each side)

Repeat cardio, strength, and core sections up 3 times.

Cool down stretch

  • Place hands on knees or hips. Drop left shoulder across body and turn to right side so you get a nice side stretch. Repeat with right shoulder to opposite side.
  • Forward bend slowly to a comfortable stretch.  Slowly come back up.
  • Reach your hands behind your back. Lift your chest up and out to feel a nice stretch.
  • Finally take a deep breath starting with arms out. Gather arms in and fill yourself with energy.

Way to do something positive for yourself!