Spotlight: Beverly Warren, Hair Loss Practitioner

Helping others look and feel good during cancer treatment
Hair loss practitioner Beverly Warren

Losing your hair as a result of cancer treatment can be devastating, contributing to depression, anxiety, worry and stress. But medical hair loss practitioner Beverly Warren aims to help people with cancer feel better and confident.

“I provide a valuable service in the most difficult time for patients going to chemo and cancer treatments,” Warren says. At Waterford Place Cancer Resource Center, she provides options for hair loss, including wigs, extensions, alopecia services and more. She helps patients feel more like themselves and gives them confidence.   

Warren had never seen a professional in the beauty business focus on medical hair loss, so that inspired her to do so. “It provides a valuable service of healing — helping people look good and feel good and gain confidence through one of the most difficult times in their lives,” she says. “It’s rewarding.”

When people come to her, often the first thing they do is sit and cry, she says. But following the consultation, “they have a 360-degree turnaround and they’re smiling. They have confidence, and their family members are happy.”

Outside of Waterford Place, Warren owns her own salon where she focuses on both medical hair loss and healthy hair care. 

“I have a passion for helping people,” she says. “I believe that giving people options to feel confident and improve their self-esteem helps them feel better and heal better.”

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