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Children’s Health

Hepatitis and Adenovirus: What Parents Should Know

Physicians are investigating recent cases of liver inflammation in children

Liver and hepatitis
Children’s Health

Pediatric Welcome Questionnaires Provide Key Connections

Rush pediatricians launch project to complete key screening in advance using MyChart and technology tools

A Rush physician plays Connect 4 with a Rush pediatric patient
Virtual Care

First-Time Telehealth Tips

Expert advice to help you make the most of your telehealth visit

Telehealth provider

Children Can Suffer Severe Illness After COVID-19

COVID-19 surge could lead to more multisystem inflammatory syndrome cases in children

MIS-C in children

How to Celebrate Halloween Safely

Trick-or-treaters will need to follow COVID-19 precautions

Pumpkin with mask

Parenting During a Pandemic

A pediatrican addresses some common questions and concerns from parents

Family sitting on porch

How to Keep Children Safe From COVID-19 This Fall

A pediatric infectious disease specialist answers parents' questions

Mother Kids Hand Sanitizer
Patient Stories

Tyler’s Story

Coping with Crohn's disease: a patient, his mom and his doctor tell the story

Mother and teenage son

The Right Time to See a Primary Care Clinician

Why now, in the wake of COVID-19, is the right time to develop a relationship with a family physician

Rush News Article

Do You Know How to Wash Your Hands?

Using the correct technique is the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Hand Wash Kids