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What’s the Difference Between a Neurologist and a Neurosurgeon?

RUSH experts explain what you should know about these distinct, yet complementary, specialties
Neuro differences
Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s and Daytime Napping Linked in New Research

Longer and more frequent napping was correlated with worse cognition
Alzheimer’s Disease

Experts Share Tips for Reducing Dementia Risk

RUSH physician-researcher on panel recommending ways to stave off cognitive decline
Older adult couple dancing
Alzheimer’s Disease

Researcher Aims To Diversify Alzheimer's Data

Black older adults often underrepresented in studies of aging and brain health
Lisa Barnes, PhD

Martha Clare Morris, ScD, 1955-2020

Rush pioneer researcher of the connection between diet and Alzheimer’s disease, Martha Clare Morris, ScD, died peacefully following a battle with cancer
Martha Clare Morris
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A Way to Withstand Alzheimer’s Disease Is in Sight

The director of the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center envisions a solution to the disease
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The Skinny on 7 Diet Trends

Which plans work best for weight loss and overall health
Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's Researcher David Bennett, MD

Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center Director David Bennett, MD, on the search for treatment options for Alzheimer's and dementia.
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New Gene Discovered Associated With Tau Pathology

Tau pathology is one of the defining features of Alzheimer disease
Rush News Article
Alzheimer’s Disease

Cerebrovascular Disease Linked to Alzheimer's

Diseased blood vessels in the brain may contribute more significantly to Alzheimer's
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