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When to Seek Help From a Medical Professional for Pain

Advice from Sachin K. Bansal, MD, a pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation physician with Castle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Patient Stories

Crystal K.'s Story

Crystal was only 33 when pain began affecting her life

Crystal Knerien
Patient Stories

Ernest's Story

Patient recommends joint replacement, says ‘Stop living in pain’

Ernest Lillibridge
Healthy Living

5 Facts About Pain Relievers

What you need to know before you reach into the medicine cabinet

Healthy Living

Benefits of Acupuncture

A Rush expert explains how the centuries-old treatment works and how it helps promote physical and emotional well-being

Healthy Living

Recognizing Opioid Abuse

Learn the potential red flags, and how to help if a loved one is struggling

Bones and Joints

Heat or Ice for Your Pain?

What's the best remedy to relieve your pain

Children’s Health

More Than a Tummy Ache?

Learn when your child's tummy pain could signal a serious health problem

Stomach Ache

Pain You Shouldn't Ignore

When it's a bad idea to "tough it out"

pain you shouldn't ignore
Spine & Back

Scoliosis in Adults

While you may consider scoliosis the stuff of grammar school screenings, it can actually resurface later in life or develop as we age.