Ernest's Story

Patient recommends joint replacement, says ‘Stop living in pain’
Ernest Lillibridge

Ernest Lilliebridge suffered from primary osteoarthritis of the right hip and right hip degenerative joint disease before he had his arthroplasty – surgery to rebuild or replace a joint that has naturally worn, been injured or become weak over time. He believes his problems were caused by a childhood accident. He was hit by a car at the age of eight and thinks the trauma from that accident caused wear of the hip at an accelerated rate, leading to hip replacement at the age of 47.

Before he had surgery, Ernest’s pain and lack of mobility affected his livelihood and caused him to change careers. A professional power lifter for 30 years, he retired in 2016. He also owned a truck repair company but sold his business because it was too painful to work.

“The joint problem was crippling,” he says. “I could barely walk.” He suffered from lack of mobility and excruciating pain.

Procedure Relieves Pain

John Pinnello, MD, orthopaedic surgeon at Castle Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, performed his arthroplasty in December 2018. Since then, Ernest says his mobility is back and his range of motion is better. He even continues to lift recreationally. “I have zero pain and I can walk again. The doctor did an awesome job. I am extremely pleased with the outcome.” Up and walking soon after the surgery, he says the pain of surgery was nothing in comparison to the pain from the joint itself and lasted only a few days. He started rehab right away.

“I’ve had a lot of surgeries,” Ernest continues, “ and Dr. Pinnello was amazing. Not only is he a great surgeon, he has a great bedside manner. He took his time explaining the process and gave realistic views of what to expect, both before surgery and after. He’s a great doctor and a great guy. He is passionate about his work and cares about his patients.”

To others needing joint replacement, Ernest says, “I highly recommend the procedure. Stop living in pain. It will give you your life back again.”

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