Provider Spotlight: Michelle Cordes, Clinical Dietitian

Dietitian Michelle Cordes encourages good nutrition to promote healing and manage side effects of cancer treatment

Dietitian Michelle Cordes, RD, LDN, believes in the benefits of healthy eating.

As a clinical dietitian at Rush Copley Medical Center, Cordes has been sharing her expertise and knowledge with Waterford Place participants for four years — and has offered virtual nutritional counseling throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She provides participants with nutrition consultations, assessing their knowledge of nutrition and dispelling any myths they may have heard or read about. She also assists participants in managing side effects from cancer and cancer treatments.

“Nutrition is an integral piece in achieving good health and in recovering from illness, surgery or cancer treatment,” Cordes says. Through her virtual consultations with Waterford participants, she shares information about basic meal preparation and current diet trends and suggests ways to add healthier food options to your daily diet.

Cordes encourages participants to eat well during cancer treatment. “You will feel better and be able to maintain your strength and energy,” she says. “You will be able to better tolerate side effects if you are eating well before and during treatment. Good nutrition will promote healing and faster recovery.”

Cordes enjoys her work, especially meeting new clients. She is happy to connect with them, either in person or virtually.

In her free time, Cordes can be found reading, cooking, walking or exercising. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

She advises Waterford participants — and everyone — to make good choices when it comes to diet. “It’s never too late to start eating healthy,” she says.


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