Frank's Story

Cleanliness, safety measures comfort wound care patient during the COVID-19 pandemic
Frank W. and his wife

Frank W. had been receiving care for his diabetic foot wound when the wound care center that had been treating him closed due to coronavirus. The wound was nearly healed but when treatment stopped, healing stopped and it worsened again.

“I knew as time went on without medical attention that my wound was getting worse, not better,” Frank said. Three weeks passed, and he knew he had to do something. Without proper treatment, he risked infection and possibly amputation of his foot.

“It was very frustrating knowing the treatment that I needed but not knowing where to get it because of the pandemic,” he said.

He was referred to Rush Copley Wound and Hyperbaric Services at the beginning of April. “I called and they hooked me up the same day,” he said. He went for treatment once a week during the pandemic. After six weeks of treatment under Nicholas Vogelsang, DPM, Podiatry, the wound healed.

“I received outstanding care,” Frank said. “They did a fantastic job.”

Was he concerned about being treated during the pandemic?

“Initially, yes,” Frank said. He was concerned about going anywhere, let alone a place where people were sick. “There were so many unknowns about coronavirus,” he said, “and I had an open wound in my foot. It was scary.”

Upon arrival at Rush Copley, he was relieved to see the safety measures at the door, including temperature monitoring and triaging where patients were assessed for COVID-19 symptoms before being permitted to enter the facility. It was comforting, he said, adding that the hospital setting was clean and helped put his mind at ease. “It seemed like the proper protocols were in place in terms of safety,” he said.

When he began his treatment, masks were not yet required, but he wore one anyway following the advice of his wife who drove him to his appointments and instructed him to touch nothing. “As it always turns out, she was right,” he said.

Now healed, Frank said, “Dr. Vogelsang and his crew provided outstanding care. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any type of wound care. I have him and my wife to thank for my recovery. I am very thankful.”

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