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A Back-to-School Checklist for Protecting Your Kid Against COVID-19

Six steps you can take to earn high marks for disease prevention this fall
Back to school

Researchers: Pulse Oximeter Less Accurate in Non-White Patients

Diagnostic tool may lead to delayed, missed treatment for severe COVID-19
Pulse Oximeter

Understanding the Link Between COVID-19 and Diabetes

RUSH investigates the connection between the two conditions on a global scale

To Mask or Not to Mask

Even if you don't have to on planes, trains and many other places, it's still a good idea
Masks in sky
Awards, Rankings and Recognitions

Gov. Pritzker Thanks RUSH Staff Members

'I'm grateful to you and we really owe you a debt'

Rush University Students Provide COVID-19 Services During Time of Need

Rush Medical College elective encourages community outreach, collaboration
COVID Care in Community

What's Next After Omicron?

It’s too early to predict when another variant will oust omicron as the leading strain
Shopkeeper wearing mask

Is ‘Flurona’ Really a Risk?

Combined cases of influenza and COVID-19 appear to be uncommon around Chicago


RUSH Researchers Studying 'Breakthrough' COVID-19

Examining why some vaccinated people get infected and others don't
Coronavirus variants
Patient Stories

Nancy's Story: Coming Down With COVID-19

‘Who knows where we would have been if we hadn’t gotten vaccinated’
Nancy's Story