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Is There a Risk of ‘Long COVID’ After Omicron Infection?

Long-term outlook unclear due to variant's different pattern of illness

COVID-19 highway

RUSH Researchers Studying 'Breakthrough' COVID-19

Examining why some vaccinated people get infected and others don't

Coronavirus variants
Patient Stories

Nancy's Story: Coming Down With COVID-19

‘Who knows where we would have been if we hadn’t gotten vaccinated’

Nancy's Story

How To Protect Yourself During the Omicron Surge

From get-togethers to grocery shopping: guidance from an infectious disease expert

Masked woman shopping

Questions and Answers About the Omicron Variant

How contagious is the COVID-19 variant? And how effectively can vaccines fight it?

Omicron in search bar

Boosters Recommended for Kids 12 and Older

Any who received Pfizer vaccine series at least five months ago can get booster

Teen getting vaccinated

What Should I Do if My Child Has COVID-19 Symptoms?

Expert advice on COVID-19 signs in kids and how to best protect them

Boy wearing mask

Children Can Suffer Severe Illness After COVID-19

COVID-19 surge could lead to more multisystem inflammatory syndrome cases in children

MIS-C in children

Why Do We Keep Getting New Coronavirus Variants?

Infectious disease specialist: 'We need to slow down the number of people getting infected'

Coronavirus variants

When COVID-19 Benches Athletes: What We Can Learn

Infectious disease specialist Michael Lin, MD, offers insights on recent outbreaks

Basketball with mask