COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available for Kids Under 5

RUSH specialists address parents' top questions about the vaccine

COVID vaccine for young children

Monkeypox in the U.S.: No Cause for Panic

A RUSH infectious disease expert offers her perspective on the virus


RUSH Reaches Out to Promote Continued COVID Testing

Using social media to connect with higher-risk, harder-to-reach Chicagoans

Covid is a test

Taking Paxlovid for COVID-19: What To Expect

Benefits, side effects and more about this increasingly common COVID-19 treatment

Paxlovid pill

When to Get a COVID-19 Booster

Now or later? Advice on timing your booster, whether you've had COVID-19 or not

Heart with booster lettering

Understanding the Link Between COVID-19 and Diabetes

RUSH investigates the connection between the two conditions on a global scale


To Mask or Not to Mask

Even if you don't have to on planes, trains and many other places, it's still a good idea

Masks in sky

COVID-19 Isolation Shelter Closes as Cases Continue to Decline

Since April 2020, Office of Faculty Practice nurses have provided more than 28,525 hours of care at the shelter to people experiencing homelessness

A group of nurses at a shelter-based clinic

Pioneering Respiratory Therapist Tirelessly Propels COVID-19 Research

One of China’s first respiratory therapists, Jie Li, PhD, RRT has been a leading contributor to the scientific research on safe, effective respiratory care during the pandemic

Jie Li, PhD, RRT

Second COVID-19 Booster: Who Can Get One, and When?

A RUSH infectious disease expert offers some insights on booster No. 2

COVID booster vaccine