Access Your Virtual Vaccine Card at Rush

Vaccine records available through MyChart or the My Rush app
Digital proof of vaccination

Got dinner reservations? Concert tickets? A new gym membership? 

Starting Jan. 3, you’ll need to show proof that you’ve been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter many restaurants, entertainment venues and fitness centers in Chicago and suburban Cook County.

If you got your COVID-19 vaccine at any Rush location, you can access a digital copy of your vaccine records through MyChart or the My Rush app. It includes a QR code that you can export to your health wallet — an app available on most smartphones that allows you to store your medical information in one place.

Here’s how to access your virtual vaccination card:

  1. Log into MyChart or open the My Rush app and login.
  2. In the My Rush app, select COVID-19 and click on Your COVID-19 Status.
  3. On your computer, go to the Menu and select "COVID-19" under My Record. (You can also find vaccine records under Immunizations, but the COVID-19 menu item contains more details about your vaccination).
  4. Your COVID-19 page will show information about the vaccines you received as well as any COVID-19 test results from Rush.
  5. To view the QR code, click on QR codes.
  6. To export your QR code to a Health wallet, click “Download/Export” and “Export to Health Wallet.”
  7. You can choose whether you want to export just your vaccine information, or if you’d like to export your vaccine and testing information.

You can also download your COVID-19 vaccine information as a PDF. Just click "Download/Export" and “Download vaccination PDF” in MyChart or the My Rush app. You can print out this PDF if needed.

Get detailed instructions here.

If you haven't gotten a COVID-19 vaccine or need a booster, you can schedule an appointment at one of our clinics. 

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