3 Things Healthy People Have in Common

Internist Philip Moore, MD, notes similar tendencies shared by healthy patients
Walking to improve health

What can you do to improve your health? 

Philip Moore, MD, a Rush internist who treats patients in Aurora, notes his healthy patients have several things in common. After three decades practicing general medicine, he says, “Without a doubt, most of my healthy patients have very similar tendencies.”

1)    They are very physically active.
Physical activity is important for both physical and mental health, and Moore says his healthy patients make exercise a priority.

“They don’t spend very much time on the couch but rather are always on the go, always on their feet and always find time for fairly rigorous daily exercise,” he says.

2)    They are aware of their family’s health history.
Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, genetics can play a major role in your health. Healthy people know their risks.

“If there are conditions that run in the family, they are regularly in the office, monitoring things and keeping an eye out for problems,” he says.

3)    They have an “attitude of gratitude.” 
“They realize that their life and their health are great gifts,” Moore says. “They know they have a choice about how they spend their spare time, how they handle the stresses of life and what habits they cultivate. Their choices reflect the thankfulness they have.”


Philip Moore, MD, practices with Rush Copley Medical Group Primary Care, 2020 Ogden Ave., Suite 400, Aurora, where he sees patients 18 and older. He enjoys encouraging his patients to adopt healthy habits.



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