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Waterford Place

Your Brain on Art: The Healing Power of Expressive Arts

Explore your creative side to reduce stress and create happiness
Painting a picture
Ear, Nose & Throat

Sudden Hearing Loss in One or Both Ears

Quick treatment is crucial for this often mysterious condition
Ear exam
Regional Locations

RUSH Convenient Care Opens in North Aurora

Urgent care provides treatment for minor illness, injury and more
RUSH Convenient Care in North Aurora
Waterford Place

Acupuncture Can Help Patients During Cancer Treatment

Therapy helps activate the body’s ability to heal itself
Patient relaxing during acupuncture
Awards, Rankings and Recognitions

RUSH Copley’s Movement Disorders Program Receives Grant From Parkinson’s Foundation

Grant supports exercise and music therapy sessions to improve quality of life for people with movement disorders
Boxing class helps patients fight Parkinson's disease
Brain Health & Conditions

Annoying Muscle Twitch? When to Seek Help

Why muscle twitches — or fasciculations — are rarely a cause for concern
Heart Health

Safe Snow Shoveling

Cardiologist Nada Shaban, MD, explains how shoveling snow can strain your heart
Women’s Health

Why Preventive Health Care Is Important

Paige King, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist with Rush Copley Medical Group, addresses the importance of preventive care

Breast Cancer in Men

Yes, men can have it, too
Breast Cancer in Men_feature

Tips for Healthier Skin

Take care of your skin to keep it healthy and glowing
Woman applying lotion to face