Stories with tag: "Health and Wellness"

Mental & Behavioral Health

Dating and Intimacy During COVID-19

How to safely make romantic connections with others


5 Things to Do While You Wait for the COVID-19 Vaccine

A Rush psychologist shares what she knows from counseling critically ill and recovering patients

Brain Health & Conditions

Controlling Epileptic Seizures

Learn about new treatments that can help people with drug-resistant epilepsy


I Lost My Sense of Smell: Do I Have COVID-19?

Understanding the differences between common smell loss and COVID-19 symptoms

woman in mask smelling flower

Exercise After COVID-19

If you’ve had COVID, consult your physician before resuming exercise

Man wiping forehead with hand while exercising

Safely Celebrate the Holidays During COVID-19

Maximize the joy while minimizing the spread of COVID-19

Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Against Winter Backdrop
Heart Health

Risks of High Cholesterol

A Rush Copley cardiologist discusses the risks of high cholesterol and ways to manage

Doctor holding heart
Children’s Health

Keep Kids Healthy in the Classroom

And when to keep your sick kid home

Rush News Article
Heart Health

All About Cholesterol

It’s important to get a cholesterol test at least every five years

Rush News Article
Bones and Joints

How Women Can Prevent Osteoporosis

Tips to help you keep your bones strong and avoid fractures

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