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Healthy Living

Introducing RUSH Concierge Medicine

Elevating healthcare with a personalized touch
Luan Elezi, MD, with patient
Health Equity

Talking About Family Health History

Why sharing family health history in the Black community is crucial, especially as chronic diseases are on the rise
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How to Watch (and Not Watch) the Eclipse

A RUSH ophthalmologist shares tips for protecting your eyes
Man staring at eclipse with special glasses
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Why You Need a Primary Care Physician

RUSH primary care doctor Jessica Kass, MD, explains the benefits
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What You Need to Know About Weight Loss Drugs

Weight loss drugs are the trendy way to lose weight, but getting access to them is more complicated than it might seem.
a person in a white knit sweater holding a generic injectable weight loss drug in their hand
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RUSH, Gift of Hope to Establish Organ Donor Care Center

Facility will better serve donor families, improve recipient outcomes
Organ Donor Care Center announcement
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The Push to Eliminate Hepatitis C

A cure to hepatitis C is within reach
Test vial with "hepatitis C test" written on it over a lab report with a checked box next to "hepatitis c"
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No Health Benefits for Moderate Drinkers

Even moderate drinking isn’t good for you. So how much is?
Assorted alcoholic drinks arranged on a table
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Good Health Starts With a Good Smile

Your smile reveals more than just your teeth. A RUSH expert explains the importance of smiling for good health.
A young woman pointing at her big smile
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Innovative Treatment Helps Save Limbs, Lives

Complex procedures at RUSH can help patients avoid amputation
Sreekumar Madassery, MD