Fetal Cardiac Program

Learning that your unborn baby might have a congenital heart defect can be stressful. The good news is that the earlier your doctors can diagnose it, the better your baby’s chances for a healthy birth and survival.

That’s where specialists in the Fetal Cardiac Program at Rush can help. Fetal cardiologists at Rush use the latest technology to diagnosis heart problems as early as the fourth month of pregnancy.

They also provide prenatal counseling, which offers the following:

  • Education about the heart abnormality and its expected prognosis
  • Management and treatment options including treatment during pregnancy, if possible
  • A delivery plan that assures immediate care for the baby after birth

Your OB-GYN may refer you to a fetal cardiologist if you have these risk factors:

  • Abnormal prenatal tests and/or suspected fetal abnormalities
  • Systemic disease (e.g., lupusdiabetes)
  • Family history of congenital heart disease
  • Taking certain medications (e.g., seizure medications)
  • Used artificial reproductive technology (e.g., IVF)