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Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer screening is a low-dose computer tomography (CT) of your chest. It is a relatively simple, painless test that can detect lung cancer in people who are at high risk for developing lung cancer. 

Lung cancer screening can save lives

The earlier lung cancer is detected, the greater chance you have to treat and cure it. In fact, research has shown a significant decrease in deaths when CT scans are used as a screening tool for people at high risk for lung cancer.

Are you a good candidate for lung cancer screening?

Lung cancer screening is appropriate if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have a 30 pack year smoking history (i.e., one pack per day for 30 years or 2 packs per day for 15 years)
  • Are a current smoker or a former smoker who quit in the last15 years
  • Are between 55 and 77 years old (for Medicare coverage) or between 55 and 80 years old (for commercial insurance coverage)

Talk to your doctor about lung cancer screening

Not sure if lung cancer screening is right for you? Discuss your risk factors with your doctor and find out if screening is right for you. If you are a good candidate for lung cancer screening, your provider will order the test for you. 

Some important things to discuss with your provider include the following:

  • Benefits and risks of screening
  • What to do after the screening test
  • What screening results mean

What to expect

There is no preparation needed on the day of the exam, and the exam itself is short.

During the exam, you will simply lie on an exam table as it moves through a CT scanner. You will be asked to hold your breath at a couple points during the exam to allow your technician to get the best possible images of your lungs.

Rush has a dedicated lung cancer screening nurse navigator coordinator who will walk you through the entire process prior to the exam and will meet with you after your exam.

For more information about lung cancer screening, contact lung cancer screening coordinator Linda Dowling, RN, at (312) 947-LUNG (5864).

Why choose Rush for lung cancer screening

  • Center of excellence: The lung cancer screening program at Rush is designated a screening center of excellence by the Lung Cancer Alliance, signifying that it meets the highest standards for lung cancer screenings.
  • Expert care: The lung cancer screening program at Rush is staffed by board-certified thoracic radiologists who specialize in lung imaging and perform controlled monitoring of radiation dose during your exam. 
  • Multidisciplinary approach: Diagnostic radiologists in the lung cancer screening program at Rush work closely with lung cancer cancer specialists in The Coleman Foundation Comprehensive Chest Tumor Clinic at Rush. The clinic brings together medical oncologists, interventional radiologistsradiation oncologists and thoracic surgeons to tailor treatment to each patient.
  • Extensive experience: Rush has extensive experience in lung cancer screening. Our team has identified many early-stage lung cancers, and our patients have benefitted from minimally invasive treatment options.
  • Multiple locations: Lung cancer screening is available at our downtown Rush campus, Rush Oak Park Hospital in Oak Park and Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora.